Project: Antimony Roasting Facility
Location : Port of Sohar Free Zone, Sultanate of Oman

The Project will have a name plate design capacity of 20,000 tonnes of antimony and gold per year in combined metal products, representing approximately 12 per cent. of average annual world antimony production over the past five years.

The location of the facility in the Gulf region provides an excellent centralised logistics route, a supply of secure and relatively inexpensive energy, a modern infrastructure, an experienced workforce and strong industrial partners.

The Project has been designed to produce antimony metal (Regulus) (European Standard Grade 1 & 2) for export and a finished ‘high tint’ ATO, with low lead (Pb) for the European flame retardant markets, as well as for the wider global chemical markets.

Download the Technical Section from the Lisbon Conference 19th May 2016

Technical Images

Technical Images